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Registrar - How to Request a Transcript

How to Request a Transcript

All transcript requests must be in writing and received either through the mail or in person, and issued by the student/graduate. We do not accept email or faxed requests. Please allow 5 working days to complete the request.

You may print and use the form found here. In order to process your request, please include all the information asked for on the transcript request form. THERE IS A $3 FEE PER TRANSCRIPT REQUESTED.

Please include a check or money order with your request, if sent by mail. You should never send cash through the postal system. At this time, we do not have a method of billing you over the phone or the internet (No credit cards!). If you have any questions, please call (314) 577-5850.

Any transcript released to a student is considered unofficial, and must be stamped as such. Official transcripts will have the school seal imprinted upon it, and will be mailed directly to the school or business it is intended for. All students are given one free transcript as our gift to you.


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