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Registrar - Grade Scale

Effective August 2008, the following letter grade and point scale is used:

Grade Scale  
A98 - 100
A-94 - 97
B+90 - 93
FBelow 78
WPWithdrawn Passing
WF*Withdrawn Failing

Unit of Value of Courses
30 Hours of Theory = 1 Unit
30 Hours of Clinical = 1 Unit
(equivalent to credits or semester hours)
Final Course Grades Will Not Be Rounded

University courses may use the grade scale of the affiliate school, resulting in the additional use of the following letters and grade points:


The following are not calculated into the cumulative grade point average:

WP Withdrew with a passing score
WF Withdrew with a failing score
WD Withdrew with no grade earned
AU Audit
CLEP Credit granted through exam
INC Incomplete
IP In Progress

Grades of all attempts of a course appear on the transcript. Grades of repeated courses not used in GPA calculations will have an ’R’ in the column next to the grade.

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